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The KWF35: The All-In-One Kegging Solution For Craft Breweries


Built To Last a Lifetime

Lehui Craft’s kegging solutions make washing, sanitizing and filling kegs easier than ever. We have spent years refining our keg packaging equipment to meet and exceed the standards of craft breweries throughout the UK, EU and US.



Our standard keg washing and filling solution, the KWF35, has some of the most advanced washing and filling capabilities in the brewing industry.


KWF35 Keg Filler and Washer Machine





The KWF35 Keg Washer & Filler is a small, compact machine designed to wash, sanitize, condition and fill kegs at a rate of up to 35 containers per hour. This two-station system includes one station dedicated to washing and sanitizing, while the right station fills. The production process is fast, efficient, safe, reliable and highly accurate.



  Key Advantages

• All stainless steel design

• Verifiable sealing performance of keg pressure, and fully in compliance with EU safety standards

• High precision flow-meter accurately controls filling volume to reduce liquid loss

• Filling process automatically controlled by count pressure and beer flow

• Sanitary impeller design with no dead corners

• Variable speed control of keg washing and cleaning process ensures effective cleaning

• Self-cleaning is available for cleaning head and filling head, which ordinary equipment is not able to achieve

• Low consumption of cleaning water - 75% water will be recycled for pre-rinsing

• Uses a Lehui Microdat proprietary-design pump and pulse cleaner



Robotic Integration






Using robotic integration with our keg washing and filling equipment, we can create an efficient, automated kegging solution designed specifically for your brewery. At the recent American Craft Brewers Conference in Washington D.C., we displayed a fully automated robotic kegging system with a capacity of up to 70 keg washes and fills per hour. The system included two of our KWF35 keg washer/fillers that were synced with an automated kegging robot, and was one of the highlights of the conference.



Interested in learning more about our kegging equipment? Contact us on the Lehui website for pricing or more information.

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