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Lehui oferece tecnologia modular ao projeto de cervejaria do Burundi-motivando o sucesso do mercado internacional




Burundi,a country of central-east Africa ,is located in the south of the equator.It is one of the least developed countries in the world, dominated by agriculture.The local people is fond of beer because of the country’s tropical location.



In mid-2017, Burundi Brewery S.A of Burundi ordered a complete 100hl/brew brewhouse from Lehui,including feed hopper, de-stoner, wet mill,mash tun, lauter tun, buffer tank, wort kettle,whirlpool, wort cooler system,aeration system, cold/hot water system, outdoor spent grain silo,pipping corridor platform,etc.

As early as 2015, Lehui provided a complete factory for the Heineken East Timor Brewery, and began to adopt modular design for exporting overseas projects,reducing on-site construction and shortening the on-site construction period.




For the first modular brewhouse design for complete line with production capacity of 100hl/brew,it adopted advanced 3D design to simulate the actual scene of the customer’s workshop floor.


There are 5 modules for the whole set of brewhouse,which includes equipments, pipping, electric instrument and supporting frame for overall transportation.The design and accessories for keys points of equipments, pipping, valve block, instruments,electrical elements are reserved for quick release and quick mounting, and the positions of valves,equipments and instruments are as concentrated as possible.


In overall dimension, it is based on the effective size of the container and the investigation of the on-site road, to achieving integration as far as possible, reducing the split point and labour cost.






In terms of pipe gallery and platform design, all bolts are used, all the platform,pipe gallery and legs which are divided into two layers,and the second layer with pipe corridor and the pipeline are transported as a whole to the customer.The modular design allows all on-site installation work to be compressed within one week.








To implement the project in the weak-industrial based countries,such as Africa, Latin America, Asia and others, the entirety modular design has distinct advantage not only in quality but duration.Modular design technology will help the rapid development of Lehui’s overseas market.

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