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Sócio Novo para Linha de Enchimento 丨90000CPH Enchedora & Recravadeira de Lata


The latest self-developed high-speed can filler & seamer is widely applied in the production of beer and carbonated beverage.



The all in one filling and seaming machine”CraftCan” has been trusted deeply by customers since 2016, Lehui has been working in collaboration with Ferrum (a world renowned supplier of can seaming equipment) on the development of a high speed canning line. 90000cph can filler&seamer is designed with 130 high precision electronic flow-meter filling valves, and combined with the 12 seaming head seamer supplied by Ferrum company, allowing an operating range from 200ml to 1000ml cans with a nominal speed of 90,000 cans per hour.



Technical Features:

               · High-accuracy flow-meter electronic filling valve, higher filling accuracy of
                  0.5% volume deviation or less.
               · Automatic height adjustment, easy to switch can types.

               · Servo divided transmission, stable running.
               · CO2 can be recycled for pre-purge to decrease oxygen pick-up by
                  20% and decrease CO2 consumption by 40%.
               · Hygienic design enables internal CIP and external foaming cleaning,
                  which is suitable for draft beer production.


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