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  • 产品名称: Craft Bottle rinser-filler -capper Module Machine
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Flexible Combination of Crown Cap & ROPP
Nowadays more and more small-size brewerise are seeking for a monoblock which consists the function of
rinsing & filling & capping but with low capacity. Our new launched product will definitely be the best
choice. As the core equipment in a filling line, it’ s a combination of rinser & filler & capper which
uses frequency converter control to guarantee a synchronous running. The monoblock is equipped with
integrated PMMA doors with safety interlock. The high filling accuracy and great stability as well as the
excellent performances make it applicable for filling production line of beer, carbonated & non-carbonated
soft drinks with glass bottles or aluminum bottles.
Key Features
Scientific design, more with less
Modular unit assembly design, greatly reduce the installation duration.
Compact linear infeed & discharge design, saving mounting area.
Signal exchange interlock design, to ensure quality and safety. 
High Filling Accuracy, Stable And Reliable 
The filling process is precisely controlled by PLC, which ensures that each process of pre-evacuation, CO2
filling, replacement, back pressure, filling, pressure release, etc. are finished precisely in the setting
Using vent tube to control filling level with an accuracy up to ±2mm and also keeping stable and reliable.
Sanitary Design, Safe and Healthy 
Rinser adopts the design of double-channel electronic valve with automatic centering rinsing clamp.It can
rinse separately with aseptic air & water to achieve “no bottle,no rinsing”. 
The filler is equipped with complete CIP system, which enables a thorough cleaning of all internal parts of
the filling system. The filling valves can be opened or closed at any time without running the machine. 
The structure of pneumatic controlled filling valve is simpler because the channel is wider and short. The
adoption of corrugated pipe for sealing has decreased the dead corners to the lowest.
Fully automatic sanitary valve matrix is equipped, which meets filling standards for draft beer.
Multiple Options for Capping 
Option for crown corks, ring-pull caps or Aluminum / plastic ROPP,or combined solution.
Decreasing O2 pick-up through multiple evacuation and decreasing CO2 consumption through adjusting purge
time of vent tube.
LEHUI patented technology with high temperature jetting device adopts diaphragm pump and regulating valve to track the speed of main machine without the risk of oil leakage. In that case, the whole CIP process is automatic and comprehensive.

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