Sócio Novo para Linha de Enchimento 丨Modular Rinser-Enchedora-Capsuladora de Cerveja Artesanal


It is widely applied in the production of beer and carbonated & non-carbonated soft drinks with glass bottles or aluminum bottles.


Scientific design, more with less

· Rinser adopts the design of double-channel electronic valve with automatic centering rinsing clamp.It can rinse separately with aseptic air & wateto achieve “no bottle,no rinsing".
·  Modular unit assembly design, greatly
reduce the installation duration.
· Compact linear infeed & discharge design, saving mounting area.








  High Filling Accuracy, Stable And Reliable
· The filling process is precisely controlled by PLC, which ensures that each process of pre-evacuation, CO2 filling, replacement, back pressure, filling, pressure release,etc. are finished precisely in the setting time.
· Using vent tube to control filling level with an accuracy up to ±2mm and also keeping stable and reliable.

    Sanitary Design, Safe and Healthy
· Fully automatic sanitary valve matrix is equipped, which meets filling standards for draft beer.













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