Sócio Novo para Linha de Enchimento 丨Modularizada Enchedora-Recravadeira de Cerveja Artesanal


It is specially designed for craft beer and low-speed flexible line, applicable for the filling of craft beer and carbonated beverage.



Technical Features
· The modular designed monoblock with smaller footprint,fits into standard container for transportation.
· The FC03 seamer is supplied by Swiss Ferrum company.
· Electrical cabinet and valve matrix are integrated into machine frame, makes it nice in appearance and easy for operation.
· Big window design, easy for observation and maintenance.
· It is suitable for filling of craft beer and carbonated beverage, the low-speed and flexible filling is applicable for variouscan types.
· Manual height adjustment
· Manual CIP cup
· Perfect safety protection
· Hygienic design
· Lower O2 pick-up and CO2 consumption









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