Sócio Novo para Linha de Enchimento 丨Linear Linha de Enchimento de Barril


the 120KPH Keg line consists of beer keg washer & filler, flash pasteurizer, keg external washer, keg turner, keg blocker, keg weighing machine, seamer, labeller, coding machine, palletizer. The modularized design makes the production easy and high efficient.


Beer keg washing&filling machine

This machine is linear-conveying washing & filling monoblock of 120 x 30 litre kegs/hr. It combines our vast experience of keg washers, External Washers,CIP systems and keg filling systems, bringing together these equipments into a single package, which can be delivered and installed quickly as it's fully complete and ready to run。







· Hygienic-Fully hygienic design throughout with food grade hoses and stainless steel construction;
· Quality Washing- high flow/low flow rinsing, washing and steam sterilization;
· External Washing-steam heating function is equipped on the external keg wahser to clean dust and blot outside the kegs;
· Reduce Time-it will reduce racking time and free up operators to multi-task;
· Water Recycling-over 75% of water used is recovered for pre-rinse;
· Stainless Steel-high quality construction.


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